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Pieps DSP Transceiver

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PIEPS DSP User Manual


  • 457 kz

  • Batteries: 3 AAA, 200+ hours in SEND mode

  • Temp. Range: -20C to +45C

  • Weight: 198 g (w/ batteries)

  • Size: 116x75x27 mm


Price Notice: We are not permitted to publicly post a price below suggested retail, but it seems that many others manage to do so. We will match any price, just email us! We can wheel deal non-publicly when we need to be competitive.

Enhanced by the latest DSP technology (digital signal processing) and a triple-antenna system, the PIEPS DSP not only offers an exceptional 60 meter range but also greatly simplifies the rescue procedure, even in the case of multiple burials.

As soon as the PIEPS DSP picks up signals, the approximate distance and direction to the strongest signal are displayed, plus the number of burials within range is represented by matchstick men.

Another feature is the highly useful SCAN feature. Press the SCAN key while in SEARCH mode and the DSP will scan the entire receiving range and return an overview of all buried devices within range classified in three groups: within approx. 5 meters, within approx. 20 meters, and within approx. 50 meters.

The optimized multiple search feature is based on a separation of signals. By default, the PIEPS DSP will automatically search for the strongest signal. Once the position of the first burial has been located, a searcher can "MARK" the signal which will suppress it and the PIEPS DSP will automatically search for the second strongest signal and so on and so forth until all victims are located.

The DSP now includes "Smart Transmitter" technology. It will transmit its signal in between that of a nearby transmitter. In this way the signals will not overlap and it will be easier for another beacon with a "MARK" feature to identify the signals.

Compatible with the PIEPS iProbe which greatly enhances pinpointing. Also compatible with the TX600 dog and equipment tranmitter as of firmware version 8.2. The TX600 uses a separate frequency that allows the DSP to be used to search for buried dogs or equipment without interfering with the priority human search.

The PIEPS DSP software is upgradable. It can be sent to the US distributor facility where it will be fully tested and flashed to have the latest software. This can be done any time, including over the summer. The current firmware is version 8.2 and new units since last season have shipped with this. The main addition in this version was the TX600 compatibility, if you are not using that the upgrade is not very urgent. (However, upgrades are very low cost and include a full test of the beacon, So this is worthwhile now and then.)


  • Range up to 60 meters
  • The latest in Digital Signal Processing technology
  • Triple Antenna System
  • Displays the number of victims
  • SCAN feature summarized signals in three distance ranges
  • MARK feature suppresses loudest signal, allowing the searcher to continue without being distracted by it
  • 5 Year warranty

PIEPS transceivers are recognized worldwide for their reliability and performance.

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