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The letters in the answers refer to the terms and statements on the left.

A - just below a cornice
B - a temperature gradient
C - panic
D - discuss the route
E - a weak layer
F - consider escape plans
G - don't worry, be happy
H - try to outrun it
I - remove skis and poles
J - trees and boulders
K - attach safety straps
L - down the center of a bowl
M - windward side of a ridge
N - ski off to a side
1) Your group is about to cross an avalanche path, these are some of the things you should do.
2) In a rescue which of these areas are worth spot-probing?
3) If caught in an avalanche some things to attempt are:
4) Snowpit features to look for concerning current structure and stability include:
5) One feature of a safe route might be:

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