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Note that this quiz is fairly old and also includes some questions of a historical nature, making it a trivia quiz to some degree.

1) In 1968 Dr. John Lawton invented the beacon. This first unit was called a:
2) In 1986, the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR) adopted 457 kHz as the international standard for avalanche rescue beacons. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) adopted 457 kHz as the American standard beginning Jan 1:
3) According to a CAIC study, professionals are faster with beacons than recreationists, and therefore have a greater success rate, by:
4) In the CAIC study, spot probing was more successful than:
5) A beacon should be
6) When a beacon is oriented to receive the strongest signal it
7) How many phases are there to a beacon search?

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