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This "Quiz" is more of a checklist so it is not really a matter of "right" or "wrong" answers. It is just intended to remind you of some things you may want to think about at the beginning of the season. Or at any time, but the start of the season is most appropriate for these things.

If you view the result statistics you should not read too much into the percentage of people that got anything "right". They may have some reason not to worry about a certain factor or they may just have been reminded to do something soon.

There is an "answer" page just like our other quizzes. But it consists of comments about each item rather than differentiating between correct and not correct.

1) Do you have an avalanche beacon?
2) Are your beacon batteries new?
3) Do you have a shovel and a probe?
4) Do you have at least one partner ?
5) Is your partner properly equipped?
6) Has everyone practiced with their beacon recently?
7) Have you read or listened to the current avalanche advisory, if one is available?
8) Do you know the weather forecast?
9) Do you have local knowledge, or have you sought local information?
10) Have you visited www.avalanche-center.org recently?

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