This page offers links to resources for teachers and students and offers project ideas. If you know of any more please let us know.

Project Ideas

Trying to think of something besides a term paper? Here are some things we have assisted students on. The ideas were theirs - we assisted some of them by providing various materials and comments.

Unfortunately these ideas are no longer demonstrated online. Some were never online, and the others were on sites that have been reorganized or disappeared. Even major sites seem to eventually disappear, we are one of a very small number of original grassroots sites that has lasted 30 years!

Create a Web Site

ThinkQuest - See the Avalanche section of "Forces of Nature" by Emily Boyd (Australia), Helen Cheng (United States), and Mohamed El-Zohairy (Egypt). (English and Spanish Sites!) (Thinkquest has died, there was an archive but it is now gone also.)

University - Several groups at Michigan Tech in a Geology department Natural Hazards course made some basic web pages. Unfortunately these were only archived for a while and are gone now.

Create an Interpretive Display

Two students at Oregon State University did this for a Forestry course.

Produce a Multi-media Presentation

Some high school students in Juneau Alaska used Director to make a multi-media presentation on avalanche rescue transceivers for a math/science project. Too bad they never sent us a copy.

Web Resources

Teachers Resources

Here are some ideas for your classroom sessions on avalanches. Some of these could be used as student project ideas as well.

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