CSAC Avalanche Incident

Northeastern British Columbia - Dec 21, 1997

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The following information was submitted via the online form:

Date = 1997/12/21br Time = PMbr Location = Hasler Flats approx. 50 km SW of Chetwynd (Northeastern B.C.)br Avalanche Size = 3br Type = Slabbr Party Size = 3br People Caught = 3br Partial Burials = 2br Complete Burials = 1br Fatalities = 1br

Comments: Exact details are sketchy, one report was that the 3 were at the bottom of a slope while another sled was highmarking and sidehilled across the hill above the fellas causing the slide. The other report (a member of the search/recovery team - who was also involved in an event here last year and made it) stated that all 3 individuals were on the hill at the same time when they triggered the slide. All 3 individuals were from Alberta, the fella lost in the slide ws a 19 year old College student. Two members of the group managed to dig themselves out or were assisted by other snowmobilers in the vacinity the other could not be located. The party involved did not have beacons, probes, shovels or training. The sign at the trail head states "beacons recommended". The slide was quite large with debris accumulating to over 20 feet in places. Heavy snow and high winds hampered the recovery efforts for the remained of the week. Dogs were brought in and a team was assembled. The young fellas body was recovered Christmas eve from under more than 10 feet of snow (one report stated 9 metres - 27 feet?). It appears as though the fella had succumbed to the trama involved in the event when he was swept through the trees below the slope. There have been quite a number of "near misses" in this area prior to and since this incident. Many are not reported or well publicized. There were also a number of "close calls" last year in the same area..