CSAC Avalanche Incident

Powder Mountain (Ogden Canyon) UT - January 11, 1998

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Official Reports

Utah Avalanche Advisories

January 12, 1998

There were numerous natural and human triggered slides yesterday and today that I heard about. One of them caused serious injuries when the person hit a tree in west facing Pink Pine in Little Cottonwood Canyon. There were a couple other human triggered slides yesterday in closed out of bounds terrain near Powder Mt. in the Ogden area mountains. No one was seriously injured in either of those slides near Powder Mt. A patroller took a long ride today on a steep E aspect and ended up with a broken femur but is doing OK.

Media Reports

Search and Rescue Roundup

Salt Lake Tribune, January 12, 1998

Early on Sunday, an avalanche triggered by two skiers in an out-of-bounds area on Powder Mountain briefly buried them, but witnesses quickly rescued the two, who were not injured. Jeff Malan, emergency-services director for Weber County, said the 2pm Sunday slide covered a 30-yard area near the Powder Mountain Ski Resort east of Ogden and briefly closed a service road. "Two people, a teen-age boy and girl, were out-of-bounds skiing and set it off. Witnesses saw it and dug them out," Malan said. The road was quickly cleared, but with near-blizzard conditions late Sunday afternoon, officials decided to close the resort.

Other Sources

The following information was submitted via our online report form:

Date = 1-12-98br Time = 16br Location = Powder Mountainbr Type = Loosebr Water = Moistbr Avalanche Trigger = People Skiing Backsidebr Activity = Snowboardingbr Party Size = 2br People Caught = 2br Partial Burials = 2br Complete Burials = 0br Injured = 0br Fatalities = 0br

Comments: There was a pretty big slide on the backside of Hidden Lake Lift at powder, two people where washed out all the way down to the road. I don't know if they were injured, they where lucky be cause a car had stopped and saw the two almost completely buried and dug them out. Blizzard like conditions, the mountain had to close. Someone was missing at timberline lift, a cat went to look for them when I left.