CSAC Avalanche Incident

Snowmass Colorado - January 17, 1998

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The following information was submitted via our online form:

Date: 01/17/98br Time: 10:15ambr Location: Burnt Mountain, out of bounds, Snowmass Ski Area, SnowmassVillage, Co.br Avalanche Size: 60'br Elevation: 9,000br Aspect: 20br Type = Loosebr Water = Drybr Avalanche Trigger = I walked across bottom of deposition zonebr Sliding Layer = Climaxbr Activity = Alpine touringbr Party Size = 1br People Caught = 1br Complete Burials = 1br

Comments: Low to moderate hazard, in the trees, low on the mountain, gully-side released above me. Didn't move me but a foot, but buried me over my head. Took 6 hours to dig myself out. Called 911 on cell phone. Rescued by Snowmass Ski Patrol. No frost bite. Cold feet. Binding didn't release left foot, took hours to dig out by hand. Alone and complacent but alive.