Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center Accounts of Incidents

Avalanche Confrontations

These are reports, mostly first hand - some fatal and some not.

  • Jan 2019 (Snowbiking)
    An account by a snowbiker who was caught in a cornice fall and subsequent avalanche. Published in a newspaper in Montana.
  • Feb 2017 (Snowmobiling)
    A first-hand account by a snowmobiler who was caught in the tail end of a slide and partially buried. Published in a newspaper in Billings, Montana.
  • Feb 2006 (Skiing/Snowboarding)
    A first-hand account of being buried for 20 minutes or more and rescued. Written by a ski instructor in France, published in the Observer.
  • 2006 (published date, incident date unknown) (Skiing)
    This article found in 2006 offers a first-hand account of an avalanche incident in France.
  • Feb 2002 (Heli-Skiing)
    First hand notes by two guys involved in a heli-skiing incident, one of whom most likely survived in part due to his avalung.
  • Apr 2000
    What it's like to survive a large avalanche and then a cold night on the snow until rescued the next day. A first-hand account of a traumatic experience near Field, British Columbia.
  • Feb 2000
    An avalanche in Round Valley, California- A first hand account of the event and an analysis with some conclusions. Four trained and experienced backcountry skiers were with a group of first-timers. They responded to the situation successfully but still have some lessons to share.
  • Feb 24, 1997
    A group of five Snowboarders has a close call, with one going for a long hard ride. They all survived this learning experience. Submitted to the CSAC by Winterstick.
  • Mar 18, 1996
    Bob Kunz recalls what it was like to get caught in a spring new snow avalanche on MT Baker, and shares the lessons learned as well. This article, which originally appeared in the Boeing Alpine Echo, was submitted to the CSAC by Bob.
  • Feb 10, 1996
    A ski patroller taking the field part of the National Avalanche School gets some first hand experience! Submitted to the CSAC.
  • Apr 3, 1993
    By Andrew McLean - "This is an account of the April 3rd 1993 avalanche that caught and buried Roman Latta in Wolverine Cirque, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Roman was buried 6-8 feet deep for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. At the time this was written, Roman was alive, but in intensive care. He survived 3 days before dying of a brain hemorrhage on April 7th. This is a personal account of what happened and is more emotional than factual."
  • May, 1964
    This 2002 article looks back at the experience of a plow driver working on opening the road in Glacier National Park on Memorial Day, 1964.

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