Use this form to search our incident report database by any of the given parameters. At this time the search database includes all incidents since the 1998-1999 season (inclusive). The database currently has a total of over 1950 entries.

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Note that the default dates cover the 2023-24 season but those incidents have not yet been added to the database. They appear on the main Incidents Section page. - Mar 18, 2024

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This version will return a maximum of 15 records, although it will indicate how many it found. The initial results will be sorted by date, to resort them by any other parameter click on the column heading. Note that resorting is done on all records found and not only the ones shown, so the results will often show different incidents. The report pages themselves are also restricted to members.(Building and maintaining this unique global public database has required many hours and resources and the only support for doing this is memberships. This feature is not supported by any government agency or funding, nor is there any industry sponsorship.)

The fully functional search available to members shows all results found on one page in one table and also gives the total number of fatalities for all incidents found in the search. Logging in also allows you to view the reports and to do keyword searches.