Snow and Avalanche Center New PIEPS - DSP Transceiver

The New PIEPS - DSP is Here !!

Press Release by PIEPS
Web posted July 15, 2003

We (PIEPS) have been working on this new avalanche transceiver for a long time but now we have finished the work! At ISPO in Munich between February 1st and 4th we presented the PIEPS - DSP for the first time.

The new PIEPS-DSP is a brand new designed full digital avalanche transceiver with following main features:

  • Compatible with all avalanche transceivers working on 457 kHz
  • Digital range more than 50 meters
  • Indication of direction and distance immediately after first signal received
  • Indication of the number of victims
  • Signal selection
  • Additional features (DSP Advanced): altimeter, compass, thermometer

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