Snow and Avalanche Center PIEPS DSP hits U.S. Market

PIEPS DSP hits U.S. Market

For immediate release - November 21, 2003

Salt lake City, November 27, 2003 - Liberty Mountain, U.S. Distributor of PIEPS, announced the arrival of the revolutionary PIEPS DSP avalanche beacon. Enhanced by the latest DSP technology (signal processing with a digital signal) and a triple-antenna system, the PIEPS DSP not only
offers an exceptional 60 meter range but also greatly simplifies the rescue procedure, even in the case of multiple burials.


The DSP is the first beacon ever to display the number of victims. As soon as the PIEPS DSP picks up signals, the approximate distance and direction to the strongest signal are displayed on a large LCD plus the number of burials within range is represented on the LCD by matchstick men.

Another revolutionary first for the PIEPS DSP is the highly useful SCAN feature. Press the SCAN key while in SEARCH mode and the DSP will scan the entire receiving range and return an overview of all buried devices within range classified in three groups:

  • Reading 1: Number of burials within a distance of approx. 5 meters
  • Reading 2: Number of burials within a distance of approx. 20 meters
  • Reading 3: Number of burials within a distance of approx. 50 meters

The optimized multiple search, the absolute highlight of the PIEPS DSP, is based on a separation of signals via the digital signal processor (DSP). If there are multiple burials, this is clearly indicated by the number of matchstick men. By default, the PIEPS DSP will automatically search for the strongest signal. Once the position of the first burial has been located, a searcher can "MARK" the signal of the first burial. Once "MARKED" the first signal is now suppressed and the PIEPS DSP will automatically search for the second strongest signal and so on and so forth until all victims are located.


The ADVANCED model comes equipped with all of the features of the DSP plus these additional features:

  • Temperature Display
  • Compass
  • Bearing Compass
  • Altimeter

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