Snow and Avalanche Center Avalanche News - 2004

Seventh Annual Fundraising Auction Announced

This years online fundraising auction is schedule for December 7 - 17. This is the seventh consecutive year for this event. Donations of items to be auctioned off are currently being sought and accepted, and the entire outdoor industry is being repeatedly canvassed for contributions. Items from retail shops and individuals are also welcome.

The auction script is improved with new features each year, although this years are relatively minor. Everything is in place and ready for the bidding in December.

At one time the auction would raise about $3000 for our public service operations, but in 2002 it dropped to $1000 when the CSAC director was away during the fall and nobody else promoted the event. Last season it recovered to $2000. Our goal this season is to raise at least $3000 once again. Some other forms of support have dropped off and unexpected expenses have arisen lately. Including the need to replace our laptop system when our Sony Vaio died entirely on the road and the loss of over $1500 to iPayment over inadequate credit card processing by iTransact. (iPayment did agree to refund about 30% of their fees, and after two months that has finally been received.)

The level of service we are able to offer to the public depends on our ability to pay the overhead costs of the project and our ability to promote it to a wider audience. The annual auction has become an integral part of covering these costs and the largest mechanism for involving the outdoor industry. Our goals for the coming season will depend in part on this event - the amount raised, the level of participation by industry, and the amount of participation by our site visitors.

Volunteers interested in helping seek auction items are welcome. Help is also requested in promoting the event through local and regional media venues and retail shops. Contact Us.

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