Snow and Avalanche Center Avalanche News - 2006

Avalanche danger in South Africa
Monday, August 21, 2006

Half a metre (20 inches) of snow has fallen again on the mountains of the Eastern Cape and in the gullies and cliffs of the Ben McDhui Mountains in one of the country’s best winters in living memory for snow fans.

But there is a downside, previous snows from two weeks ago have crystallized and frozen. Fresh snow falling on these frozen snow shelves could become easily dislodged. Off piste skiers and snowboarders are being warned of avalanches and can experience dangerous conditions in the steep gullies.

The country’s only ski resort, Tiffindell, is now booked to capacity as skiers and snowboarders have flocked to the resort to make the best of the natural snow fall experienced over the last two weeks.

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