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Ortovox Debuts Unprecedented 3+ Transceiver at Outdoor Retailer

Hopkinton, New Hampshire (1/18/2010) - Ortovox, the technological leader in ski, snowboard, and snowmobile safety equipment introduced a new avalanche transceiver at the OR Winter Market and ISPO tradeshows. Named the 3+, the new beacon is an incredibly capable avy search and rescue tool that not only brings its sibling Ortovox S1's proven signal masking and flagging technology down to a mid-range price point, it also offers advanced new technologies seen in no other beacon available today.

"The 3+ was the buzz at the tradeshow for good reason. It raises the transceiver bar and raises it significantly, particularly with regard to the levels of performance people should now expect, and demand, in the competitive $300-plus price range of beacons", enthused Ortovox USA's Marcus Peterson.

The Ortovox 3+ is housed in a sleek, space-age case and features a unique direction and distance display as well as a new hash-mark system for pinpoint searching. Especially noteworthy is the fact that the 3+'s three-antenna design is equipped with groundbreaking transmitter technology that allows the unit to automatically adjust polarity for optimal reception by searching beacons. And if that's not enough, the 3+'s power management system means the unit will meet all industry standards running on one AA battery! Of course the 3+ can track up to three buried victims and its operating software is fully and easily updatable.

"What is paramount for people to understand is that the 3+, with its new transmitter technology, is the first beacon ever that actually makes your buddies' transceivers work better, especially older single and double antenna units" added Peterson.

If you're interested is seeing the future of transceiver technology either contact Ortovox or stop by booth 34063 at Outdoor Retailer Winter market.

Marcus Peterson

Hopkinton, NH. 03229
603-746-3146 (phone)
603-746-6360 (fax)

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