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Avalanche blocks Kishanganga's tributary in Gurez
Authorities sound alert for people in low-lying areas

A snow avalanche on Tuesday blocked a tributary of Kishanganga in Gurez following which the authorities sounded alarm and advised people in the low lying areas to relocate temporarily.

Officials in the administration said that the situation has raised apprehensions about possible rise in the water level and flood in the area. However, the SDRF, revenue teams and police along with other departments have swung into action to clear the blockade.

Deputy Commissioner Bandipora, Owais Ahamad said that due to the temporary blockade of the tributary “there is apprehension that water level may rise so we have sounded alert for people residing along the tributary and in the low lying areas”.

He said that they have temporarily relocated certain families and a survey has been also conducted so that no vulnerable family is stranded in the area.

He, however, added that the fear had been subsided, situation was under control and the avalanche was being cleared.

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