We have just installed the nucleus open source blogging software. One reason for choosing this is that a single software installation allows us to create and manage multiple blogs in different locations on the website.

Each section will have a blog for relevant topics. The purpose of this one in our "Organizational" section is to offer information and opinions on software and other resources we use, organizations we work with (or attempt to), and general information about the project such as updates on finances and such.

One purpose all of the blogs will serve is to supplement our email updates. Those have often been longer than we'd like. A lot of the reason for that is background and organizational information. We can now be brief in those updates and refer people to the appropriate blog entries. It is also possible for readers to leave feedback or ask questions on the particular topic by commenting.

While many entries, particularly in this blog, will compliment our email updates not all will serve this purpose. There will also be entries in addition to those affiliated with updates.