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All documents are on file in our office. We will be glad to send a copy of any requested document to you by mail, although it may take some time. All of these documents have also been filed in the appropriate government offices and are probably public domain and available through those agencies.

While we now go largely by "The Avalanche Center" or Avalanche-Center.org our official incorporated name is the Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center, denoted by CSAC.

US Organization Documents

Canadian Organizational Documents

These are obsolete. At one time we had a lot of support from Canada, and we were the online sources for CAA bulletins before they figured out the internet. However, the status in Canada has lapsed over the years and we have no idea what our status is but assume we are defunct as far as any official organizational status there.

According to the first link we do not really need separate status in Canada, since we have 501c3 status in the US. The version linked to here is outdated and some changes may have occurred but for typical contributions it is most likely possible to take a tax deduction in Canada as well as the US.

Operational Items

Avalanche Center Info


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