Avalanche Center Home Budget Review: 2016-2017

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The information below is for the 2016-2017 season and is final. These figures were reconstructed as best as was possible in October 2018. During this season the project continued to exist but no effort was available to invest into fundraising, updates, store sales or other activities.

In September or October we were notified by our virtual hosting provider (Verio, resold by N-vision) that they were getting out of the hosting business. There was very little notice and October and November were spent looking for a new FreeBSD hosting service and moving the website. This was a large project and was unfunded, like most of the project. Scripts and databases had to be updated and fixed and a lot of system administration was required.

Hosting costs here reflect two months with N-vision and 11 with Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean is much cheaper but is closer to a raw machine and requires more administration with less support.

Avalanche Center Revenue


There is some additional information concerning revenue on the budget history page.

The small grants really consist of one very generous contribution this season. Because of its size it skews the figures and graphs for more typical donations and we separate it and call it a small grant.

The store was almost entirely inactive at this point after the director moved to Tbilisi in 2013. He was also overwhelmed moving the site to a new server.

Avalanche Center Expenses


The expenses here do not include a debt of approximately $2300 to the director from three seasons prior to this plus another $800 loss last season, increasing the debt to $2300. Cash was left on-hand for the next season rather than repaying part of the debt. After this season the debt is $2500, any small amount over that total due to rounding is donated at this point.

Staffing: None. All work continues to be donated.

Phones and Hosting: A monthly web hosting fee is included here, along with phone bills and the occasional calling cards for cheap international calls are also in the category but are small expenses.

Travel: There have been no travel expense during this season.



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