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The graphs below show the history of individual contributions to the Avalanche Center - the total, the size of the average contribution, and the number of contributors for each season.

The 2017-18 numbers are now final but for the two seasons before that we did not keep good records of each contribution and have just a total. (The project was dormant, a server move was a frantic priority, and there were few donations anyway.)

We have relied heavily on user contributions and store sales, as well as copious contributed and uncompensated time, to keep this project running. We have no affiliation whatsoever with the US Forest Service, or any other government agency. We derive no benefit from federal "stimulus" money, or federal budgets.

Contributions by Season

Everything on One Graph

This shows the total received each season, the average contribution for each season (x10 on the right side axis), and the number of contributors for each season (right axis). If it's a bit too confusing or crowded each of these is shown separately below.

This is linked to a larger version, just click on the graph.

Contribution Totals

Annual Total Received in Contributions

This is the total we received each season. In the past contributions typically accounted for about 45% of our budget with store proceeds accounting for another 45%. Then it went down to 21%.

In 2013-14 the majority of the tot.al came from 3 generous individuals. These donations were categorized as "Grants" to distinguish them, although they did not come from large foundations or government entities. (Which is what many people think of as Grants.) Since then this has been the case, with 1-3 such "small grants".

Number of Contributors

Number of Contributors Each Season

This is the number of unique contributors that donated during each season. In 1998-99 we received many contributions from Canada, but this incurred the wrath of the CAA director at the time. He was sacked after one year, but before that happened we lost a lot of support.

The total of 17 for 2013-14 includes the 3 who made large contributions we called Grants. This fell to 6 in 2017-18 as the project was dormant. (In the 2015 and 2016 seasons we did not record the number of donors, only the total received.)

Average Contribution Size

Average Contribution Size Each Season

This shows the average size contribution for each season. There has been remarkably little variation in this. During 1998-99 we had a very large number of contributions but the average amount was low. This was related to the larger number of Canadian contributors that year, mentioned above. We don't have any idea why it was lower in 2003-04. There is a lot of deviation, with some generous supporters donating $100 and many store customers leaving an optional donation of $3 in their cart.

For 2013-14 there were 14 individuals included in this average, the 3 "Grant" providers were omitted.



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