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Small Grant Initiative, Fall 2003

In September 2003 we made our first effort at seeking some small grants. We sent our proposal (for $5000 operating funds) to 25 foundations and corporate giving programs. Chase-Brooke, a grant-writing company, helped guide us through the process at no cost since we qualified for a small non-profit assistance program they have. They also did a database search to help select foundations and programs which consider operating funds requests and which have some potential interest in the nature of our work. (However, avalanche safety is such a specialized area that there are very few truly good fits.)

As of October 20 we had received 13 replies and no funding. (But that leaves 12 to go yet!) Most of the quickest responses were from corporate giving programs so hopefully some of the foundations are taking it under consideration. Of these 12 replies one specified a June deadline which we may resubmit by and one sent the proposal back with a web address to use to apply online. So these two may still offer some future opportunity.

Update - In the end the effort was entirely unsuccessful.

Summary (December 30) -

  • 25 proposals submitted
  • 14 replies declining support
  • 1 reply specifying a June deadline
  • 1 reply requesting online submission
  • 9 still outstanding

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