Avalanche Center Home Site Navigation and Organization

Here are some tips on how our web site is organized and how to find your way around.

  • The Blue CSAC Logo at top links to home page
    Most of our content pages have a blue CSAC logo at the top left with a text alternative of "Avalanche Center Home" or "Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center". Click the logo to go directly to our home page.
  • Sections

    The site is organized into a number of sections: The Avalanche Institute, Forums/Gallery, News, Incidents, Avalanche Store, Education Center, and Organizational Info.

    Each section has a graphic affiliated with it. Visit the Home Page to see which graphics go with which section.

  • Navigation Bar
    Each main section page has a graphic navigation bar across the bottom which uses the graphics described above. This allows you to go from any section directly to any other.
  • Icons at the Bottom of Content Page
    At the bottom of each content page there are two small icons. The one on the right always has the home page igloo picture and will take you to the home page. The one on the left will take you up one level. If that is a main section page the graphic for that section will appear, otherwise a white on blue fractal arrow pointing up appears.

We hope that you will find our site easy to navigate through. If you do get lost it is very easy to return to the home page from almost anywhere!

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