Avalanche Center Home Update - November 14, 2001

An Update from the Avalanche Center (www.csac.org)
November 14, 2001

Fall Fundraising Auction Begins today: http://www.avalanche-center.org/auction/

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Quick Contents:

  • Fall Fundraising Auction Begins!
  • New Things on the Site
  • How you can Help
  • Auction Press Release

Fall Fundraising Auction Begins

Our auction is now open! The auction page is:


The total retail value of the goods received from the outdoor industry is somewhat higher than in the past, so we have a wide variety of items to put on auction. Given that the economy is poor we are thankful for the many items contributed. And more are still coming in.

We are running it slightly differently this year. Not all items are on bid for the entire duration. Items will be put up for bidding throughout the auction and will close at different times (and days). Keep track of the closing time when you are bidding on an item! Some items will be open longer than others. Some smaller items may be posted for a very short time, allowing for some real bargains. (A few things will close in the next day or two since they were added early.) The intent of this new approach is to keep things more active throughout the auction, which will end Dec 6.

There is a news release at the end of this update, please copy/paste it and send it to friends, post to bulletin boards, send to the local paper, etc. This annual auction (now in its fourth year) is an important part of raising the funds needed to keep the site going. Along with sponsors, store sales and, most of all, user contributions.

New Things on the Site

The season is starting to get going and we've become busy updating information already.

In the Incidents section we added the second and third incidents this week already. Neither was fatal but the one in Alaska involved a very long burial time. It is also possible to search/sort this years listings - follow the link at the top of the main Incidents page and try it out. It works the same as our course listings search.

In the Bulletins (Current Conditions) section most regions of the US have now issued early season bulletins, and some are issuing information regularly but still infrequently. Most of our systems for mailing and posting these bulletins has been put into use and is working ok, including the insertion of links from key terms in the bulletins to our glossary.

The Education section has also had some improvements made. More courses have been added to the database and the search feature is working out well. Most of the section pages have been reformatted and had bad links corrected or removed, but this process is still not entirely complete.

How you can Help

In each update we like to suggest ways in which you can help our efforts.

Right now the biggest thing you can do to is to help us promote our fundraising auction. And participate in it. Please spread the word on any online forums you are part of, any clubs you are a member of, and among your friends. Feel free to use the information below.

Remember that you can always support our work by contributing to our nonprofit organization, buying your safety equipment from us, telling your friends about us, and just by visiting the site regularly.

Avalanche Center News Release, www.csac.org

Fourth Annual Online Fundraising Auction Begins November 14

-> http://www.avalanche-center.org/auction/ <-

For Immediate Release - Please redistribute as widely as possible.

The CSAC Avalanche Center will run its fourth annual online auction from November 14 through December 5. Participation by the outdoor industry is higher than ever, with more contributions being received daily. The auction is one of the key sources of funding for the avalanche center and its only fundraising event. Bookmark the auction and check frequently for new items:


The CSAC avalanche center is the oldest, largest, and most established avalanche information center on the internet. The site contains well over 1600 pages. This extensive resource is provided to a global audience on a very small budget. The center is a grassroots non-profit organization and receives no government funding.

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