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November 17, 2010
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This is the fourth newsletter of the season. It has been delayed a bit in order to install a new quiz, and because I had a technical avalanche presentation to make this week.

Our work on the switch to a new format and service continues. Our notice to members about the 25% sale was sent to some people via the new service, and those plus a few more received the last newsletter in html via the new system, and about 100 lucky recipients will get the new version of this issue. (For the next issue or two they will also receive a text version though out existing internal system. We need to keep this current to manage access to things like the current quiz.)

Remember that we need your financial help keeping this project going. Any amount helps. Please consider helping us with whatever contribution you can afford and justify. If you have a look at last seasons finances you'll see why your help is so important:


Incidentally, Monday was National Philanthropy Day. This has been celebrated every November 15 for the past 25 years and recognizes the contributions that people like you have made to the world. It's only through your support that this project has been able operate for the last sixteen years.

Auction Update

New donations include the always popular igloo tools from Grand Shelters. MountainSmith and Edelrid have also promised to provide items. We are still working on sending out faxes seeking items to auction off.. You can keep up with the latest on the auction page:


Following out last newsletter one of our PIEPS DSP beacons was on sale there. It started at $324.45, and there were never any bids. This was ok for us since we had a bit of a run on this item and had to order more anyway, but a fantastic deal was passed up. You never know what you'll find posted there from time to time.

It is also possible to post items of your own in our auction, at any time. This has not been taken advantage of much, but when we first offered it a pair of skis was promptly posted and promptly purchased. We do not charge any fees or commissions at all for this service, we just ask that anyone who sells something considers an appropriate donation.

Special Deals

We are taking a break from offering any new deals in this issue. The 25% members sale is technically over, but there has not been time to remove it yet. So members who log in can still get this discount but it may disappear at any time now. Likewise, the update3 coupon code for 10% off technically expires with this fourth issue, but it will still work. Until we get around to expiring it.

All beacon purchases are now eligible for a discount of up to 80% on our new Avalanche Institute online Level 1 course.

New "Current Quiz" - Avalanche Terrain

We have just opened a new current quiz on Avalanche Terrain. The quiz presents 8 questions selected at random from a pool of 12. These are all from the Terrain module in our online Level 1 course, although they are not exhaustive and the modules quizzes combined have more questions than this. The questions will give you an idea of what type of content is included in the module, and also of how the assessments work. A complete detailed overview of the module is available in the course information section.

At the moment we have no rewards to offer for the best scores, but in the next newsletter there may be an update with something to offer. As with the last quiz we will enter everyone who gets 100% into a pool for a larger drawing to be held later. Only your first score counts, but if you want to see a different question or two you can take it over. Since the selection is random it may take quite a few tries to actually see all twelve.

Comments, questions, and criticisms of the questions are always welcome. The best place for this is our forums, and we will try to see that anything posted there receives a response. ( http://www.avalanche-center.org/phpBB2/ )

Avalanche Institute Level 1 Course

The current quizzes have been taken, so far, from our online course. Field days for students will begin to be available soon, beginning in the Northwest in early or mid December. Field sessions are free to anyone who has passed the prerequisite modules, either by taking the course or by challenging the module quizzes. You are not limited to one, you can attend multiple field days over time for exposure to different conditions and terrain as well as for review.

For people who believe they know the material, or who think anything online can't possibly compare with a traditional format, the module assessments may be challenged. We have only limited experience with this so far, but at this time nobody has passed any of the complete modules. In most cases they know some of the material but not all of it. Which is a reflection of how extensive the course is, along with the fact that compromises on what can be covered are not necessary.

There will be more information and details in future newsletters, but there are very extensive details on the content posted in the course description pages. Remember that for some limited but not yet determined length of time a course discount of up to 80% accompanies all beacon and airbag pack purchases.


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