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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 21:55:08 +1100
Subject: Editor's Choice Award

Dear Webmaster,

LookSmart, the next generation of web directories committed to quality and superior user web experience, is delighted to award you The Editor's Choice Award for the following site:


This award conveys the highest standard for providing a useful and high quality website.

You may be unaware that LookSmart, unlike other directories that simply index the web and include anybody that asks, has editorial standards for inclusion in the LookSmart Directory. We have viewed literally over a million websites to select the 110,000+ chosen to meet our standards. I invite you to explore our unique site at http://www.looksmart.com.

Congratulations on your achievement. You are welcome to display the Editor's Choice symbol of excellence. As a subsidiary of The Reader's Digest, editorial standards have been a hallmark of our company for over 75 years. Display the symbol with pride.

If you wish to find your site/s in LookSmart, please find the categories under which they are listed below.

  • / Sports & Recreation / Winter Sports / Snow Magazines
  • / Travel & Vacations / Ski Resorts / Snow Conditions & Reports
  • / Sports & Recreation / Winter Sports / Snow Conditions & Reports

Best wishes,

David Gold
Manager, Content Partnerships
LookSmart International



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