Avalanche Center Home Auction Closing - Info and Tips

Some Tips -

  1. Make sure you are aware of the closing date and time for the item(s) of interest. The closing time is given on the bidding page. Note that the anti-snipe feature could extend some items, in some cases significantly.

  2. Note that there is an "anti-snipe" time to avoid an unfair last-second snatch-up of an item. Any bid too close to the closing time extends it. Any following bids reset that extension. In addition to the closing time pay attention to the last bid times. (The anti-snipe is generally 2 hours, in rare cases we have extended it overnight for a bidding war.)

  3. Remember that on all non-dutch auctions you can use proxy bidding. This may be especially useful if it is getting late and you want to put in one final bid with the option of auto-bidding up to some final amount. You can then go to bed and know that bids will be auto-placed for you as needed up to whatever maximum you determined the item was worth to you.

Information -

  1. As soon as an item closes the high bidder(s) are sent an e-mail and payments can be made.

  2. Shipping Cost: While we pay the shipping on all items we ask that you consider adding something to your payment for this, keeping in mind it is a fundraiser. How much is up to you. Larger more expensive items cost more to ship but cover that cost. Small items can cost as much to ship as the bid in some cases. In general the minimum cost for priority mail is about $5 if we can use a flat rate envelope or small box.

  3. You should be able to view any closed auctions which you won by clicking the "Closed Auctions" link and entering your name and password. We've had reports that this sometimes does not work right so if you can't call up an item or are not sure about anything send us an e-mail.

  4. By clicking on the "pay bids" link you can submit your payment instantly by credit card, use paypal., or find the snail-mail address. (If using paypal directly w/o viewing this page the address for the account is store@csac.org)

  5. At the close of the annual fundraiser we try to ship items we have in our office within 24-48 hours of payment, and we try to get them to the winners by Christmas. Typically we use priority mail which takes 2-3 days and has proven reliable even close to the holiday. If a bid is paid late we assume there is no rush, as well as in those cases where the winner tells us this. These items may be sent later or via a method slightly slower than priority.

  6. If you want a guarantee on a fast delivery time we can ship overnight mail or via any major carrier - you will need to pay the shipping costs for that service. You can pay the additional amount, or if you have a personal or work account number for any major carrier service (DHL, FedEx, etc etc) we can ship it on that account number.

  7. Finally, at the end of the fundraising auction things get a bit nuts here with everything going out at once during a time when the post office has long lines. If you are not in a hurry and don't need your items before Christmas consider waiting to pay until later. At that point we are not making an extra effort and will still get your items in the mail within a couple days but will assume you can wait. This makes our life easier. (Lines by the 23rd and 24th are generally short and shipping is much easier again.)

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