Snow and Avalanche Center Level 1 Field Days

Upcoming Field Day Opportunities

We will attempt to keep this page up to date with all known field days coming up. It may or may not be complete, often it will not be. Opportunities are added as the demand arises and may be available through different partners and venues. If you are taking the course and need field time and cannot find anything local here let us know. We will see about scheduling something if we can. Please see the note below about eligibility and prerequisites.


Field days are offered on a volunteer basis and free to anyone who meets the prerequisites. Students must have credit for all modules preceding the field day they are attending (i.e. first or second). This credit may be from completing them or challenging them, in either case it must be within the previous two years. A current Level 1 certification from this program meets all prerequisites.

The prerequisites must be met prior to the field day. Do not try to register for a field day at the last minute without having completed them. It takes some time, you cannot enroll in the required modules and count on completing them within a couple days, although strictly speaking it may be possible. Requests are not taken seriously unless the student either meets the prerequisites or is actively enrolled and working on them.:



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