Snow and Avalanche Center Level 1, Module 3 - Avalanche Rescue

Online Level 1 Avalanche Course

Module 3 Description - Avalanche Rescue (Self and Small Party)

Main Level 1 Course Description Page

"Safe Travel and Self-Rescue" Course Page (Module description in incorporated there now.)

This module has now been integrated into our new and improved "Safe Travel and Self-Rescue" course, along with module 2. If you register for Level 1 that new course is included and serves as Modules 2 and 3.

You can also register for the Avalanche Rescue Course first and apply it's full value towards the Level 1 course if you decide to continue into that. (Possibly subject to a few limitations such as a time constraint for doing so.) We may also offer a discount if you combine it with another course such as the Climbers course or the Awareness course.

All of the information that was posted here is now available on the Course Description page for that course.



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