We don't like to sit on inventory over the summer so every spring we try to sell off whatever is on the shelf. We always give members the first chance at larger discounts.

As of April 1 we have posted all beacons, shovels and probes in stock on our sale pages. The members sale page has everything for 30% off. For now the public sale page offers only 10% off, but we will be increasing this incrementally. Members also pay no shipping.

Members also get an ongoing discount any time they log in before shopping. Their cart will apply the discount to all non-sale items and add only .01 for shipping. (The system won't allow 0!) The current discount on non-sale items is an automatic 15%.

As we get along into spring many items will become unavailable until next season. Today we found that the BCA Tour shovels and Traverse shovels are sold out. We have one Traverse left, and it's on the sale page! Other items are probably selling out also, we just happened to find out about the BCA shovels today.