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The forums are gone but you can still go directly to the photo gallery.

As time permits we will try to salvage the content worth saving and incorporate it into the site in other places.

It is with significant sadness that we are finally removing the forums in 2021. Nobody had used them in many years. Most other forums that used to be active disappeared a long time ago. The ones remaining have very little use.

When we began online around 1994 or so few people were active but the original USENET groups were buzzing with great discussions and questions. It was that environment which encouraged us to begin providing accurate responses to questions, many of which were technical.

As more people flooded onto the internet and the web developed forums became popular. They often became contentious but they did provide for interaction between people. That was before "big tech".

Today everyone uses Facebook and Twitter and other "social platforms". Forums have been largely abandoned now. We miss the interaction and prefer the way the internet used to be, but times change. So no more forums.

One last note on forums is that they just attract a lot of robots and tracking. The SemRush bot in particular just can't leave them alone, even though they are inactive. It crawls the whole site constantly and does not seem to follow the norobots rules, despite their claims to the contrary.