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CSAC Hosted Forums Are Moderated - Here are the Rules and Policies

The purpose of moderation is to keep our forums focused specifically on avalanche related topics, to keep discussions on-topic, and to keep things civil. The CSAC reserves to right to take any moderation action deemed appropriate with any message including moving it to a different or new topic, moving it to the "Debris Pile", or deleting it entirely.

The benefits of having moderation policies and active moderation has become clear when looking at some of the other forums on the net. Anyone who finds these policies objectionable has several options. One is to request that we set up a specific forum which they can moderate. We will seriously consider such requests as long as they are avalanche related, there is a proposed moderation policy, and there is a moderator. Another option, of course, is to go to one of the any other forum sites on the web which have no moderation at all.

Moderation will be by the CSAC Director. Comments, suggestions and reports are welcome. Send them to snow@csac.org with "Forums" in the subject line someplace. Objections to moderation policies or actions taken will be forwarded to the full Board of Directors for final resolution.

Acceptable Uses:

1) Observations related to snowpack and avalanches - whether to share, discuss or ask questions.

2) Expression of opinions. Please keep in mind that others may have opposing points of view and express them as well. Be civil and try to stay on topic.

3) Factual or technical information.

4) The above types of posts are not exclusive and there may be other acceptable and desirable uses of the forums as well.

5) Posts which are acceptable and suitable may be moved to either a more appropriate topic or be used to begin a new topic at the discretion of the moderator. This is to keep each topic on track.

Unacceptable Uses:

1) Anything obscene or pornographic, of course.

2) Comments on or about specific activities with little or no avalanche content. Conflicts and disputes between user groups (such as skiers and snowmobilers) are not appropriate here. Political and land use issues should be taken elsewhere. Also, we have no interest in competing with the many successful and active forums where people discuss their sport, file trip reports, etc. We hope to keep this activity-neutral, focused on avalanches, and to promote free and open discussion between all user groups.

3) Anything off the topic of avalanche phenomena specifically. This includes guiding, opinions on professional training and standards, etc. This is not the right forum for these topics.

4) Discussions of recent accidents for which no formal report has been issued, especially where an effort is being made to assign blame. (There is plenty of opportunity for this elsewhere on the web.)

5) Self Promotion. Please post because you have something worthwhile to say or something accurate to add. Professionals are especially welcome and your opinions and knowledge may actually be sought out and requested. While you are welcome to make your product or company affiliations clear and to add them to a signature file please do not use the forums for active marketing.

6) Posts which are unacceptable will be either moved to "The Debris Pile" or deleted. The first option is the preferred one but the final decision is the moderators. Topics in the Debris Pile are active ones and discussion can continue there where it will not divert from the main on-topic discussions.

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