Avalanche Fatalities 2021

Fatal Avalanches in the US: 2021-22:
A Review of the Season's Fatal Avalanches

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This book  is an important resource for fatal avalanche accident analysis for the 2021-22 season in the United States. James Frankenfield, a snow and avalanche professional with decades of experience as a skier/climber, snow scientist and engineer and mountain safety educator, reviews the season, the incidents, and the common factors in an effort the help others improve their risk management. The book offers readers a chance to learn from others’ experiences. 

"Fatal Avalanches in the US" reviews each season's fatal snow avalanche accidents in the United States. They are summarized collectively in a series of charts. Then each is described and noteworthy factors are discussed. Finally, common factors and problems for the season are discussed. This information is intended to help skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, climbers, and others avoid such incidents in the future. "Fatal Avalanches in the US" is a must-read for anyone recreating in winter outside controlled areas such as ski resorts.

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