G3 Solid 350 Avalanche Probe

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Attention: As of 2020 we need a minimum order of 25 probes for this item. This is a great product for SAR and glacier research but nobody, including G3, is willing to stock them for smaller sales due to the low sales volume. There is also a significant lead time required. Contact us if you wish to arrange and order.

Over-built for maximum strength and abusive use by professional SAR teams requiring a solid, reliable tool for recovery operations. Penetrates dense and consolidated avalanche debris without deflection. This has also been popular with researchers, particularly in Antarctica.

Sold as a complete kit with 7 sections. Individual replacement segments and tips are available. Inquire about purchasing these parts, we can provide them but don't have them posted separately on the website store.

Color: Brushed Aluminum

G3 Solid Probe Features:

  • Solid brushed alumninum tube construction
  • Threaded assembly system
  • Infinite length possibilities
  • Oversized tip.
  • Large thumb nut with oversized threading.
  • Durable bag with positive tie-on points

320 Probe Specifications:

  • Length: 350 cm
  • Weight: 1865g / 65.8oz (1.87kg / 4 lb)
  • Seven 50 cm segments.
  • Red carry sack
  • Segments and tips available