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For general store information, polices, etc check the Store Front page. All prices listed below are in US dollars. Credit card transactions are in US dollars and will be converted by your bank.

Red Dot - Options on Product Page - Where you see a red dot there is a size or color option and you can choose by ordering directly from the product description page. Otherwise we will email you for your choice or ship the default color.

To put an item into your shopping cart click on the small cart icon, either in this list or on the product page. At check-out you can use the "update cart" option to change the quantity, or to remove an item using a quantity of zero.


G3 AviTech Shovel Red Dot -Color Choice Choice of Grip (T or D)
G3 SpadeTech Shovel Red Dot -Color Choice Choice of Grip (T or D)


G3 Speed Pro Carbon 240 Tech Probe
G3 Speed Pro Carbon 300 Tech Probe
G3 Speed Pro 240 Tech Probe
G3 Speed Pro 320 Tech Probe
G3 Solid 350 Probe

Snow Study Items

G3 Rutschblock Cord
G3 BoneSaw

Other Products

Genuine Guide Gear also makes numerous products which are not directly avalanche-safety related and therefore not part of our regular offerings. These other products include the Targa Telemark binding and Climbing Skins. Visit the G3 website for more information.

We can special order any of their products for you, usually obtaining them within less than one week. Feel free to inquire.

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