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In a nutshell, we barely have the resources we need to even keep a website up and running so we are emphasizing other sections at this time. As the header above says, we have free content expertise and free (but slow) web and server administration. But the support from the store and contributions has dwindled.

A long time ago, about 25 years, this was a key section to the website and project. We have been the first to do almost anything online, including posting advisories. The agencies that produce them had no idea how to use the internet at that time. For the most part they were amused by the idea, although later we were actually threatened with a copyright lawsuit for continuing distribution of a public bulletin by one organization.

When we began we made as many advisories as possible available by email list-server. At first on a voluntary contribution basis, and then requiring a contribution. This service took a lot of work to provide at that time and was unique, but now most agencies provide list service directly. Usually by outsourcing it to a company specializing in email lists. Contributions for our service declined to a point where the work to maintain lists was no longer worthwhile.

Now it is twenty five years after we started online and the advisories for all regions are well distributed and easy to locate on the web. Over five years ago we let this section fall into disarray while debating what to do about it. At one time we thought it would be a good idea to create a map-based central global resource, but we do not have the resources to do that. At this time we are concentrating directly on the Education part of our mission and on our online Institute in particular. We will also try to maintain the unique Incidents section with it's large publicly available searchable database, although that is also behind at the moment and not financially supported.

You can help us continue our efforts, and maybe revive this section in the future by making a contribution, taking a course, and/or purchasing your equipment through our store. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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