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We have made it possible to support avalanche safety in a wide variety of ways. We are a 501c3 organization and most contributions are tax deductible in the US and, as far we know, in Canada. We have absolutely no affiliation with any government agency and no paid staff - your contribution to us goes 100% into covering the overhead costs of the project.

Make a one time donation now:

The minimum contribution for a Membership or its renewal with all of its benefits is $25.

Make a recurring donation:

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All recurring donations qualify for membership as long as they are in effect. If your preferred option is not available as a selection above contact us and we'll arrange to set it up for you.

Additional ways to contribute:

By snail mail:

Avalanche Center;
3939 South Sixth St. #172;
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Reasons to contribute:

The primary reason should be to support avalanche safety and education. People who recreate in the backcountry in winter need to take responsibility for themselves, collectively and individually. The time required to operate the project is 100% donated but the bills are paid with contributions, large and small both. If this isn't enough of a reason there are some membership benefits as well as tax benefits.

We are incorporated as a nonprofit in the state of Oregon, USA as a nonprofit and have Tax-exempt (501c3) status from the US Government.

Thank You very much!

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