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New Life-Link Pit Boss Aluminum Shovel

Facilitating Both Safety and Fun
by Claire Johnson - January 20th, 2006 - Outdoor Newswire

All Life-Link Products were available from the CSAC Avalanche Store - we matched anyone elses price !!

Jackson Hole, WY-Life-Link Backcountry Travel, the original aluminum shovel manufacturer, introduces its newest addition, the Pit Boss. The Life-Link Pit Boss aluminum shovel's design is stronger, bigger and more packable.

The steep sidewalls and stiffening ribs and our New integrated welded sleeve, eliminates the classic weak point of extended neck aluminum shovels. The New "no neck" blade design with it's shallow profile and steep walls results in a bigger blade that actually packs away smaller. The Pit Boss is ideal for the beginner to professional avalanche forecaster, with less dish for shaving column sides and a 30 cm blade length for exact shear tests. Testers were quick to identify it's other strength - building kickers!

Life-Link Backcountry Travel has been designing and building the finest backcountry skiing, trekking, snowboarding and avalanche safety gear for over 25 years, and they are the choice of professional guides as well as discerning weekend adventurers all over the world. Life-Link backcountry products are the most durable and best performing gear you can buy.

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