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We match just about any other price you find - Contact Us !
All proceeds from this on-line store go to support this project - AvalancheCenter.org (CSAC). For details (IRS letter of determination, incorporation papers, etc) please visit our Organizational Section.
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  • Sale Page: Good deals on things we need to sell to balance our inventory. Members get lower sale prices and free shipping if they log in.

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    Contributors who set up an account and log in get an across the board discount of 10-30% on all non-sale items in their cart. (Depending on our mood!)
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Shopping and Ordering Information

We use a shopping cart system. You can add items from any of the product category pages, from the individual product pages, and from other places on our site. If you have established a cart you can view it by clicking the cart icon on the home page, using the link at the top of this page, or clicking the "View Cart" button on any product page. When viewing your cart there is a link to return to wherever you came from as well as link to this front store page.

How the Shopping Cart Works -

Our shopping cart stores your order on our server and puts a cookie on your computer to identify your basket. If you delete cookies, do not allow them at all, or visit us from another computer you will not be able to access an existing cart which you may have begun earlier. The cookie we use is only an identifier for your cart and is generated from the system clock time, no personal information is involved.

Contributors: If you log on before you shop the system will use a cart identified by your username. Therefore your cart is persistent and will be used no matter what computer you log in from. Your member cart will also get you a discount and free shipping. This is one of many Contributor Benefits.

International Orders -

Please check with us for shipping charges before you order. Most items small enough to fit in a Global Priority flat-rate envelope can be shipped for the standard $6 charge, including transceivers. Larger items will require an additional shipping charge, primarily and especially shovels..


Shipping is as follows:

  • Contributors - $0.01
  • All US and Canadian Orders - $6.00
  • All International Orders - Inquire (for many orders it is still $6, but not always)

Please allow up to a maximum of 2 weeks for delivery, although we are usually able to get orders to people in about half that time. If you are in a rush contact us. We can give you a turn-around time based on our inventory and that of our supplier(s), and we'll work with you to meet your needs. We can ship to a travel destination for you or make other accommodations.

Contacting Us

The best way to contact us concerning any store-related business is at store@csac.org

This address goes to different people and you will be more likely to get a response from the right person this way.

If you placed an order, waited a while, and still have not heard anything it may be due to a bad e-mail address on the order. Make sure you enter your address correctly on the order or we can not keep you updated on its status.

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