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Avalanche Center Logo Products

Skiing Skeleton T-Shirt - Short Sleeve
Avalanche Center Nalgene Bottle
Skiing Skeleton Decals
Lots of Skiing Skeleton Decals - 100 Pack !

Airbag Flotation Packs

We carry accessories and parts for all of the packs we sell, see the Flotation Pack listing for these.

Please note that if you purchased your flotation pack from us we will sell any of the accessories for it at a great discount, generally 30-50% off the list retail below. It doesn't matter how long ago you purchased the pack. We consider this a matter of product support for our customers.

Black Diamond Jetforce Tour 26L  Red Dot -Color Choice Color Choice
Black Diamond Jetforce UL 26L  Red Dot -Color Choice Color Choice

Avalanche Transceivers

PIEPS DSP Sport Transceiver
PIEPS Powder BT Transceiver
PIEPS Pro BT Transceiver
PIEPS Micro Transceiver
Black Diamond Recon Transceiver
Black Diamond Guide BT Transceiver
ARVA EV05 Transceiver
ARVA EV04 Transceiver

Avalanche Shovels

G3 AviTech Shovel Red Dot - Handle Choice Choice of Grip (T or D)
G3 SpadeTech Shovel Red Dot - Handle Choice Choice of Grip (T or D)
Pieps C-660 Shovel
Black Diamond Evac 7 Shovel
MSR Responder Shovel
ARVA Access Shovel

Avalanche Probes

Pieps Al 220 Probe
Pieps Al 260 Probe
Pieps Al 300 Probe
Pieps Carbon Tour 220 Probe
Pieps Carbon Tour 260 Probe
Pieps Carbon Tour 300 Probe
Black Diamond Quickdraw Tour Probe
ARVA Spark 240 Probe
ARVA Access 240 Probe
Kong Rescue Probe 300
MSR Striker 240 Probe
G3 Speed Pro Carbon 240 Tech Probe
G3 Speed Pro Carbon 300 Tech Probe
G3 Speed Pro 240 Tech Probe
G3 Speed Pro 320 Tech Probe
G3 Solid 350 Probe

Snow Study Items

G3 BoneSaw
Black Diamond Snow Saw Pro
MSR Beta Snow Saw
SMC Snow Saw
G3 Rutschblock Cord
Brunton CM360LA Sighting Inclinometer
Pieps 30 degree +
Backcountry Access Crystal Card (Aluminum)