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Projects: There are always many projects which could be done for an academic internship. It would be even better for a student to come up with an original idea for a project. We'll be glad to help focus the idea into something suitable for an internship proposal to your faculty advisor. Areas with great potential for internships are marketing, web/database applications (such as mySQL and PHP, or similar approaches), online commerce, and development of educational materials and resources.

Compensation: Internships should provide academic credit. We will consider covering in-state tuition for these credits in some cases. This will only be considered if we are convinced that the student has strong faculty advising from within their program of study. Credit and/or tuition reimbursement will be dependent on successful completion of the proposed project as determined by the academic advisor and the CSAC.

Background Required: An internship for academic credit should contribute to the students professional and/or intellectual development. A project should be chosen or proposed which will utilize skills important to the students education. These skills may need to be further developed, and an internship can provide an opportunity to do that in a "real world" context. An internship for credit is not a suitable way to acquire basic skills from scratch. It is an excellent way to expand and apply your skills.

Academic Requirements: We are more interested in your focus and enthusiasm than your GPA. You must have a faculty advisor and they must be willing to meet with our director at the beginning and end of the term or project duration as a minimum. If they would like interim meetings to include the CSAC we would be happy to accommodate that. Students with hands-off advisors (who only want to sign forms and have no direct interest in the students work) have proven to be a problem and working with such students has been counter-productive for all.

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