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The team which keeps the Avalanche Center running consists of the following types of help, most of which is volunteer - in keeping with our grassroots non-profit approach.

Board Members and Officers

Our board of directors needs to consist of at least three members but can have more. The role of board members is to provide oversight, serve as a resource in one or more areas (such as content, non-profit grant writing, etc.) Board members should have a strong background in their professional field, have a background in snow avalanches, be knowledgeable about the project and its mission in general, and be fully committed to helping the project succeed and grow. While we need individuals with strong backgrounds the actual time commitment required is small - the board generally does not handle day to day tasks or micro-manage the project. Of course they are welcome to be involved in whatever manner they wish to in addition to the basics of serving on the board.

Officers take on the ongoing general management responsibilities and usually consist of the President, Treasurer and Secretary. Other than the president this involves some ongoing commitment of time, but it is flexible and limited to organizational tasks rather than day-to-day nuts and bolts. The time commitment is generally very flexible.

Paid Staff

Our paid staff is minimal and in most seasons has consisted of one or two very part time workers in the office in Corvallis. They work flexible hours and must be independent workers. In many cases they volunteer some time and are paid for some time. Their biggest tasks are the mundane nuts-and-bolts of keeping things running - filling store orders, sorting receipts, verifying product prices, and sometimes helping with very limited and focused web site work.


Most of the effort behind the project is volunteer. Some team members contribute small things on a consistent basis, some take on a project when they can and then move on. While there are many tasks that can be assigned to volunteers there are very limited resources to manage or follow up with them. We need people who will be realistic in what they agree to do and then follow through with it, large or small.


There are many things which would be suitable for students wanting an internship for credit. We can not offer paying internships but will consider paying the cost of the credits earned upon successful completion of the work. Because internships need to involve non-trivial projects which further the students education they require more oversight, support and assistance. We are happy to provide this as long as the student has a faculty advisor as well and there is an agreement on what the goals will be in order to earn the credit sought.

Interested in helping in some capacity? E-mail snow @ csac.org

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