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Status - The foremost issue is funding and we need help related to this in a variety of ways. Until (and unless) we can get solid on-going assistance to pay the bills we do not need any technical or design help unless it is for something specific and usually small. Incorporating volunteers has been problematic for a couple reasons. One is that it takes time from the director, who is already stretched very, very thin doing everything. A second is that many people volunteer with good intentions but fail to follow through, making it hard to count on a task being completed.

At this time (April, 2007) we could use a bit of help from somebody who knows Mysql and also from somebody familiar with dns services.

We greatly appreciate your interest in helping and hope that you will become a part of the project and the organization. There are many things you can help with and our only expectation is very simple and basic - be honest about what you can and will do and then follow through. Our goal is to have teams of volunteers working on some things. If we can get this established some people will begin on certain tasks while others leave, hopefully at different times. This means you can offer to help out more for a while when you have the time and can shift your work to somebody new if you become short on time. You can also change from one type of task to another to keep from getting bored and to have a chance to work with other people.

Compensation: Volunteers get a free t-shirt, participation in select discount equipment purchases, and reimbursement of any related (and documented) expenses. Most of us merely like being part of this fast-paced, visible, and successful project and treat the other benefits as small perks. We believe in what we're doing, and that is our biggest reward. Once in a while we need an additional paid staff member and a volunteer would have preference for such an opening. However, these jobs are open only infrequently and require a physical prescence close to our office.

Current Needs:

Industry Sponsorship/Promotional/Auction Materials - We need to develop and maintain materials for promoting sponsorship to industry and for seeking donations for the fall fundraising auction. There are past materials to work from as well as a small grant proposal which could be reformatted and edited to serve these purposes. These materials would be used at the Outdoor Retailer show, sent to interested persons from the main office, and used by other volunteers who maya (hopefully) actively seek auction donations and sponsorship. We have one board member who can be very helpful in this area.

Online Auction Development - Our auction is in good enough condition at this point to have it running all year and let people post their own items, in addition to holding the annual fall fundraising auction with items donated by industry. We need a team of people that can keep promoting the auction so that it gets used, help develop policies and operations so that it runs well and is easy to use, promote it to the outdoor industry, and actively seek donations for the fall fundraiser.

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