Avalanche Center Home Board Member CV - Steve Reinfurt

Steven A. Reinfurt, Ed.D

CMR 464 Box 3309 APO, AE 09226
Prinzregenten Strasse #13 Bad Kissingen, Germany 97688

Highlights of Qualifications

�        Doctorate in administration: plus 30 years ski resort industry expertise

�        Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and spoken)

�        Experienced in design and implementation of all resort operational programs

�        Able to work as a mentor leader, cooperative team member, and independently

�        Skilled in dealing with cultural populations in a professional and concerned manner

�        Professional Member of American Avalanche Professionals, AMGA, and NSPS

Administration & Supervision

*� GS 12 position for the Department of Defense in Europe ~ 20 years (yrs)

*� National Ski Patrol Outdoor Emergency Care - Instructor/Trainer (IT) ~ 16 yrs

*� Extensive training in leadership, management, and coaching for excellence ~ 29 yrs

*� Germany Region Director for National Ski Patrol’s (NSPS) European Division ~ 3 yrs

*� Certified NSPS (IT) ~ Advanced Avalanche, Rescue, Mountaineering, OEC, & SAR

*� Internationally Certified Bergwacht and NSPS Senior - (Alpine & Nordic IT) ~ 16 yrs

*� European Ski Patroller/Patrol Director ~ 16 yrs (Includes three German Alps resorts;

�*�Bayrischzell, Garmish, and Wildflecken - total seasonal skier visits over 9 million.)


* Effectively trained/counseled resort staff, team leaders, and supervisors

* Translated, compiled, and edited comprehensive resort training manuals

* Wrote evaluations, problem analyses, reports, books, schedules, and daily plans

* Broad public speaking background in public relations and is a published author

* Composed award recommendations for subordinates that consistently won approval

Awards and Job Performance Evaluations

Extensive list of distinguished service & monetary awards, exceptional work evaluations, certificates of appreciation and achievement. In addition, I received my NSPS National Appointment # 7909 for extraordinary initiative and commitment to excellence & leadership within the international ski industry. I remain fully commitment to excellence and service as well as have maintained a 100% safety record.

Educational Background

Doctorate - California Coast University ~ 1989

Masters Equivalent in Education - San Diego State ~ 1985

Bachelors in Education & Minor in Recreation - Brigham Young University ~ 1982

Registered/Certified International EMS/SAR Helicopter/Avalanche Rescue Specialist

Exceptional References and Further Information Available Upon Request



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