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Avalanche Center Team - Past and Present

Here is some background on who we are. These are the people who keep the project running through various contributions of time and effort. We've also included or kept some information on those who have been involved in the past.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides general oversight. Board members serve as resources from time to time as their expertise is required but are generally not involved directly in the day to day operations. The Officers are ultimately responsible to the Board.

Phil CaterinoPhil Caterino - Phil has an extensive background in non-profit management, oversight and development. Much of his work over the past thirty years has focused on preserving and conserving the precious water resources in the world. Phils avalanche related background includes planning projects through his business Alpengroup, other related consulting work, teaching both professional and recreational courses, and working on the ski patrol at Kirkwood Meadows in the Lake Tahoe basin. Phil is a long time resident of the Tahoe region. [Summary] [CV]

Steve ReinfurtDr. Steven A. Reinfurt - Steven is a ski industry consultant in Europe and the U.S. who has worked throughout the Alps in avalanche control & education, ski area risk management, and search and rescue. He is a Professional Member of both the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) and the American Avalanche Association, and a Certified Senior National Ski Patrol professional Alpine and Nordic patroller and advanced avalanche / mountaineering instructor. Steve lives and works in Germany and was co-responsible for creating the AAA European Section. [CV] [Philosophy]

James FrankenfieldJim Frankenfield - Jim is the founder of the CSAC and has served since its inception as executive/managing director . During a period of several years overlapping the founding of the CSAC he was President of "Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center". It was under his leadership that it went from a paper shell to being a viable fundraising organization for the Forest Service, one capable of generating a significant percentage of their avalanche center budget. He has a degree in Engineering from RPI and a graduate degree in physics (specializing in snow) from USU (as well as a second graduate degree in mathematics). He also teaches courses privately, consults on technical issues such as mitigation projects, and guides professionally. [Avalanche Resume]


The officers are more directly involved in the general operation of the organization and project. They work with volunteer and paid part-time staff, keep records, and answer requests for records or information from members of the Board of Directors. The officers communicate and issue statements on behalf of the CSAC, complete tax forms and manage other issues as they arise.

Jim Frankenfield, President - Jim serves as President as well as a board member and is the one primarily responsible for the hands-on operational aspects of the project, including fundraising, web design, content expertise, cleaning the office and most things in between. Jim used to live in the office (first in Corvallis, Oregon then in Philomath, Oregon and finally in Klamath Falls, Oregon). In recent years the project has foregone and office and Jim is living and working in Tbilisi, Georgia but continuing to manage the project at no cost to the organization.

Tani Barbour, Past Treasurer - Tani used to keep our records up to date in Quicken and produced the summaries and reports needed for our annual filings with the IRS and the Oregon Dept of Justice, for grant proposals, and for board members. Tani lives in southern California but has spent a lot of time in June Lake on the eastern slopes of the Sierra. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and after working in Quality Assurance Engineering for a medical device manufacturer for 18 years she decided to freelance and do contract work writing technical product manuals for medical devices and software applications. While serving as Treasurer she was doing some in-house statistical training for manufacturing personnel.

Jeff Clarke, Past Treasurer - Jeff also served as Treasurer in the past as well as store manager.

Andy Bower, Past Secretary - Andy served as secretary and also set up a CSAC Canada orgnaization at one time while he was living and studying in British Columbia. Andy now works as a research forester for the US Forest Service in the Northwest.

Russ Faux and Dale Hubbard - Russ and Dale were very involved in forming the CSAC in Corvallis, Oregon where they were both graduate students at the time. Russ filed out 501c3 application with the IRS.

Jim Swircynski - Jim was also involved in the founding of the organization and is listed as out Registered Agent. He was on the Willamette Pass Backcountry Ski Patrol for many years.

Paid Staff

The CSAC uses several paid staff members, all part time and seasonal. They typically manage office related tasks such as filling store order, sorting receipts paid and sending them to the treasurer, etc. Once in a while we entrust certain well-defined web tasks to a staff member (such as incident posting). Most paid staff in the past were students who helped with ordering and shipping items for the Avalanche Store.

As of November 2006 we have no paid staff.

Jeff Clarke, Store Manager - Jeff managed the Avalanche Store for a number of years. He has extensive experience and connections in outdoor retailing.

Volunteer Staff

Many individuals have volunteered some time to help with various projects. Unfortunately we have not kept a record of all of them but their assistance and donated time and expertise helped make the project what it was and is.

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