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Steven ReinfurtDr. Steven A. Reinfurt's - NSPS #7909


The following are my philosophy and administrative goals for creating, maintaining, and evaluating a safe & quality year around ski and summer resort program. They are an end product over 30 years of winning service and economic results via a 110% commitment.


An exceptional year around resort program is based on a motivated, highly competent staff, and is the result of blending profit-oriented business & marketing practices and values with unique traditional & non-traditional amenities, indoor & outdoor recreational opportunities, and superior instructional techniques. The resort’s teaching progression should be defined by well-rounded and established objectives that offer both the clients and staff a safe and positive experience. The resort’s services, rendered at all levels, should reflect appreciation for the public’s support of their particular seasonal business and should constantly be reevaluated for ongoing improvement.

The resort’s facilities, courses, events and ambiance should focus the client to discover new horizons, personal limitations, and ways to expand skills. The setting chosen should be the correct location where clients can learn, enjoy and put things into perspective at their various levels of ability. Thereby, they can safely return to their own responsibilities recharged and ready for more. The resort’s “overall program” should win the clients’ respect, confidence, and keep them returning for as long as possible.

A resort must have extremely competent and experienced professionals in their given departments. They must be patient, conscious, anticipating, and dedicated. A quality employee should be an effective problem solver, communicator, listener, and positive role model that is able to read “natures billboards and people” with accuracy. They should possess a deep appreciation for challenge and understand the rewards of the experiences that have or will be accomplished. The staff must enjoy working in their given setting and find a deep satisfaction in imparting service, knowledge, and a positive feeling for their clients no matter the weather. As an employee, I know my time can be purchased so that my physical presence is at a given place; it can even buy a measured number of their skilled muscular motions per hour; but it cannot buy loyalty or the devotion of my clients hearts and minds. I must earn these. I always strive to create, support, and maintain successfully safe programs to achieve this worthy objective. In short, I respectfully try to productively capitalize on the skills and diversity of each person (client, employees, as well as myself) that makes up a given team effort. To date, I have maintained a 100% safety track record in this worthy objective while under numerous unique and challenging conditions!


I serve my resort clients, and management by providing appropriate modeling, clear objectives & communication, and training for promoting profit gains via a strong commitment to excellence, safety, and seamless service. My specific administrative goals are as follows. I strive by direct action:

A. To balance my accountability via accomplishing work skill competence with client unity and personal confidence in those I work with. And, by maintaining the appropriate modeling and positive practices that reflect confidently on everyone and bring high rewards with long-term clientele returns.

B. To cultivate and reward leadership in a staff by placing members in positions of responsibility and problem solving according to skill levels and clearly stated objectives and follow-through of projects assigned to capable staff members by responsible management.

C. To present a positive and integrated resort environment to the public through well-informed and confident team/staff. Essential staff development includes professional opportunities for personal and team interactions on conflict resolution, stress & risk management, and program evaluation. Collegiality and respect among staff members is actively engaged and modeled.

D. To provide staff in-service education and curriculum updates on resort issues, client needs, and targeting specific environmental and business objectives identified by administration and staff based on research and assessment findings.

E. To provide opportunities for thinking, celebrating, and evaluating as a staff for exploring and rediscovering ourselves in relation to the work place. Considering the pace of and energy output of the resort industry, providing time for personal staff interactions can be critical for allowing people to maintain, and renew their individual perspectives. The goal is to promote a skilled and satisfied resort staff for longer-range retention within the organization and industry.

NSP Logo The bottom line to my administrative goals is: Motivate your staff, respect them, train them, and make recognized winners out of them. I know that if I treat my employees correctly, they will treat the customers right. And if customers are treated correctly, they will come back and or make positive recommendations to others. The winning combination of having satisfied customers and employees is the best business strategy of them all.

"Committed to Excellence, Safety, and Service"



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