Avalanche Center Home Fall 2002 Fundraising Auction

Thanks to the Following Organizations and Individuals

For contributing items to the Fifth Annual Auction, Fall 2002

Company Product(s) History
Crazy Creek Classic Crazy Creek Chair 5 years
Boreal Backpack
4 years
Outdoor Research Wintersack 4 years
PolarWrap ExChanger Mask (1 Black Full Head Cover) 3 years
Prana Hybrind Windblock Sweater (Large) 3 years
Rainy Pass Repair Laundering and re-waterproofing of any Goretex product
Laundering of any down bag or jacket
3 years
Atsko (Sno-Seal) Sport-Wash (1 litre)
Permanent Water Guard
UV Block (fabric treatment, 500 ml)
Sno-Seal Black (4 oz jar)
2 years
Bolle Goggles (4 pair)
Sunglasses - Slipstream Crimson Midas
2 years
Cloudveil Mens Cascade Jacket (Midnight/Twilight, Medium) 2 years
Columbia Ice Dragon Parka (Mens XL, Red) 2 years
Forty Below K2 Superlight Overboots (1 Small, 1 XXL) 2 years
Leatherman Sideclip 2 years
Shred Alert Hats (6) 2 years
Smith Sport Optics Fuse Goggles, Smith t-shirt 2 years
Wild Roses Kiska Rose Shelled Fleece Jacket (Medium) 2 years
Brunton Coupon, 40% discount on any one product New
Climb High Mammut Shovel New
Lowepro Micro Trekker 100 New
Mountain Shades/Optic Nerve The Generator (Interchangeable piece) New
Mountainsmith Hip Pack New
Nikwax Misc items, multiple New
Pan Optx Venturi AT - Windless Eyewear (1 pair) New
Ride Snowboards Hail Converter Pant Flint Gray, L)
Assault Jacket (Flint Gray, L)

Previous Years Items:1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Later Years Items: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011

Special thanks for hosting the auction and setting up the cgi script: I-World

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