We have completed our update for this season on BCA products. Here is what is new, what is changed, and what is the same:

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Beacons: The Tracker 2 transceiver and the still popular original Tracker DTS are both still available with no changes and no increase or decrease in price.

Float Airbag Packs: In addition to the Float 30 which has been available so far they have introduced the Float 18 and the Float 36 for those looking for a larger or smaller pack size. The price for the Float 30 has increased with the suggested retail at $745.45. These are each complete and independent packs, there are no zip-on options for different sizing. Each pack comes complete with a full canister, although extras/replacements are also available.

Flotation Pack Accessories: We carry extra/replacement cylinders, the refill kit, and the snowboard carry strap for the Float 18 and 30. (The 36 does not require anything extra to carry a board.) If you have purchased you complete pack from us we will gladly sell accessories for it at a great discount in the interest of customer service. If you bought your pack elsewhere we need to charge the suggested retail but will still match any other posted price anywhere.

Shovels: The entire shovel line has been redesigned and the prices have increased slightly. The main changes are new blades. The rattle-free "neckless" blades are designed to be easy to pack and have a new industrial design. The new grip design is more ergonomic and the shovels are supposed to have excellent torsional rigidity. The B-1 series replaces the Tour/Traverse series and the B-2 replaces the Companion series. The B-1 blades are the smallest, the B-2 are slightly larger, and the B-52 is the largest (replacing the Chugach). The Arsenal series appear to be similar to the past with the exception that they also are available with the new B series blades rather than the older Tour/Companion ones.

We have updated all of the web info and in most locations we have included a (replaces Tour/Companion/etc) note for those customers still more familiar with the previous line.

Probes: The probe line is the same and the prices are the same. They now come with grip tape and a coated cable. Prices are the same as last season.

Snow Study Items: The snow study kit has a new fabric case and a newly designed slope meter. Their crystal card is available in lexan as well as Aluminum. The snow saw is still available with no changes.

Stash Packs and Magic Carpet Skins: We do not normally carry these items as they are not avalanche safety specific. We can't comment on changes for this reason. However, we are a full authorized dealer for all BCA products and will gladly sell these items upon request. We will match any other posted price whether it is regular retail or a discount.

We are still working on updating other product lines, watch for updates on those shortly.