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Avalanche Education Center

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Welcome to the internet avalanche awareness and online education center. This is the place to learn about snow avalanches, avoiding and/or mitigating the risk from avalanches, avalanche resuce beacons, and much more. Learn here and stay safe outdoors!


Avalanche Course Providers and Information

The Avalanche Glossary

Only here on the CSAC website will you find such a comprehensive glossary of avalanche related terms, with well over 225 entries. We also have an index to related glossaries, including extensive ones for meteorology and hydrology.

Quiz Yourself!

Here are some multiple choice quizzes you can take. When you're done you can view your results, and if you are logged in as a member you can also see full statistics of overall scores as well as detailed answer pages.

Educational Resources Online

This page is starting point for all kinds of websites and webpages where you can learn about a wide variety of avalanche-related topics.

International Danger Scales

Copies of the avalanche danger scales used in the US, Canada, and Europe. We have a variety of versions in html and pdf.

Education in the Schools

Suggestions, materials and resources for students and teachers. Course outlines, student web sites and other projects, links to demonstration ideas, ...

Avalanche Research

We no longer try to maintain a current webpage of research related information. There were still valid links to research centers, researchers, and technical papers and those can now be found in the links section.

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