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Current Totals:   Reports Posted This Season - 1 ;  Fatalities Posted This Season - 1 ;  Reports in Database: 1755
 Reports Posted Last Season - 15 ;  Fatalities Posted Last Season - 14                   


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Current Years Snow Avalanche Incidents:

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We only list the most recently added avalanche incidents here on the front section page. They may not be chronological, they are generally added to the top whenever we create the report file. All other incidents since October 1998 can be located using the search page. (Somewhat) Regular updates by e-mail whenever incidents are added are also available.

Search All Incident Reports (Since Oct 1, 1998)                                        
View Report Advisory Fatalities Date State/Country Location Activity
FATALITIES: - 1 Nov 10 California-US Mt Whitney Area Climbing
REPORT:   FATALITIES: - 2 May 17 Wyoming-US Teton Range Skiing
REPORT: REPORT: FATALITIES: - 1 Apr 11 Montana-US Madison Range Skiing
REPORT:   FATALITIES: - 1 Mar 14 Alaska-US Cantwell Snowmobiling
REPORT: REPORT: FATALITIES: - 1 Mar 04 Utah-US Snowbasin Skiing
REPORT:   FATALITIES: - 1 Feb 14 Canada-AB Kananaskis Country Skiing
REPORT: REPORT: FATALITIES: - 1 Feb 05 Canada-AB Banff National Park Climbing
REPORT:   FATALITIES: - 1 Feb 28 Canada-BC Kimberly Skiing
REPORT: REPORT: FATALITIES: - 1 Feb 23 Colorado-US Aspen Skiing
REPORT:   FATALITIES: - 1 Feb 22 Canada-BC Tumbler Ridge Snowmobiling
REPORT:   FATALITIES: - 1 Jan 04 Canada-QC Saguenay, Quebec Climbing
REPORT:     Feb 03 Canada-BC Golden Skiing
REPORT:   FATALITIES: - 1 Mar 10 Canada-BC Golden Skiing
REPORT: REPORT: FATALITIES: - 1 Jan 06 Colorado-US Silverton Skiing
REPORT: REPORT: FATALITIES: - 1 Dec 31 Colorado-US Torreys Peak Climbing
REPORT: REPORT: FATALITIES: - 1 Nov 26 Montana-US Cooke City Snowmobiling
REPORT:   FATALITIES: - 1 Dec 06 Alaska-US Rainbow Mountains Skiing

Incident Reports Posted for 2015-2016: 1
Reported Fatalities for 2015-2016: 1

Incident Reports Posted for 2013-2014: 15
Reported Fatalities for 2013-2014: 14

Incidents from seasons prior to October 1998:

     (Seasons run Oct 1 through Sept 30)

All incidents since October 1, 1998 can be found using the search form.

Other Avalanche Incidents and Related Pages

Grief and Loss Resources

After a close call, or one by a friend or family member, Critical Incident Stress may occur. Additional useful information is available from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

Snow Avalanche Statistics

This section has graphs and links to graphs concerning avalanche accident statistics. These are old and go back to November 2002.

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