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The articles in this section first appeared on Colorado Firstrax, a site that began in 1995. It was run by David Sauer, who prepared most of these articles. The website disappeared rather abruptly and we could not find any trace of it for a long time. In June, 2006 a copy of much of the site as of 2001 was uncovered at web.archive.org and the avalanche section was recovered to be posted here.

The material is already publicly available, if somewhat obscure, in the web archive site. We hope that posting these articles here will make them more widely read and easier to find. We will attempt to track down David Sauer for formal permission to post the material here. In the meantime, all credit for all of this material goes to him. An attempt has been made to be as true as possible to the original (including copies of most original photos and diagrams), although in one or two cases material which is now out of date has been removed.

Avalanche Articles:

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